We only store session or permanent cookies to improve the browser behaviour of the visitor.

Session cookies

  • visitor: used to store the current user session (for navision)
  • PHPSESSID: used to store the curent user session (for PHP)

Permanent cookies

  • defaultAddress: used to store the last selected search result
  • locale: used to store the language that the visitor has selected on top
  • cookieconsent_dismissed: used to hide the cookie message once the accepted button is clicked

Third party cookies

Depending on the Google Tag Manager configuration, additional cookies can be set by 3rd parties.

We do not have control over these cookies.

Tracking cookies

  • Google tag manager
  • Google analytics
  • Google ads
  • Hotjar

Conversion cookies

  • Tradetracker

Authentication cookies

  • Facebook Authenticatie: used for authentication
  • Google Authenticatie: used for authentication